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The following comments were left on the songs we have on On each comment there are two links, one to the user that made the comment and one to the “real” comment on Soundcloud. We selected from +1,600 total comments the ones that we thought are describing better the music we are doing. If you think you should be here Shout!

About “Ocean”

  1. Phatty Guitarbuckle at 1.56 Ocean Really cool song and performance. David Bowie would be proud
  2. Shoemansky at 1.48 Ocean nice atomsphere…dark as an ocean deep!

About “Highway”

  1. Terry A Crosson at 0.45 Highway Absolutely Brilliant Tune! It almost takes me to another realm of consciousness! :)
  2. David Ackerman at 1.24 Highway catchy as hell, that chorus is gonna be stuck in my head for days
  3. Abbafire at 0.18 Highway fantastic mix, superb arrangement, quirky vocal style is working well, reminiscent of the pixies, japan and a smattering of prog rock, well done excellent work
  4. Monk Zylo at 1.49 Highway Kewl track, great work. I find the vocals fit this work perfect I found them aluring and forboding at the same time. Very sweet!
  5. Fleece at 2.08 Highway Lovely. This has a great lilting rhythm and the production is superb. There’s a lot going on but nothing is wasted. Great song, top marks.
  6. Rock Flexible  at 1.03 Highway top notch quality … radio!
  7. Kibeja at 2.15 Highway This is hypnotizing – trippy goodness!
  8. Sleepdirt… at 0.21 Highway Yep!!! Your up there with the best…
  9. Christian Granquist  at 0.23 Highway Love the vocal octavation. Very bowieesque
  10. An Ecstasy of Fumbling at 1.32 Highway great, instant classic, it’s a theme tune
  11. Roth Whyler at 0.46 Highway What is the meaning of gorgeous? For instance to tell everything one has to tell for the moment in 1.36 mins. And do it in such a brilliant way you did with this piece.
  12. David Ackerman at 0.52 Highway Vox remind me of Thom Yorke, well done…very trippy!
  13. colin crighton at 0.41 Highway fantastic slice of psychedelia! this is great :)
  14. Phatboye at 1.03 Highway Haunting track made with pure talent. Love it!
  15. BSoul at 1.11 Highway Feels like a movie score…
  16. Allan K. at 0.42 Highway i like your “retro looking forward” style.
  17. Rock Flexible  at 1.25 Highway Good old Rock!
  18. Lyanda Hoax at 1.21 Highway interesting track, magic mood, good vox ! ! !

About “Crackstone”

  1. Sleepdirt… at 3.20 Crackstone I take my hat off to you…
  2. Abbafire at 0.21 Crackstone superb drums and guitar vibe, love the vocal timing and phrasing, the close harmonies give it a hard edged vibe, excellent recording
  3. James PatrickSong at 3.31 Crackstone David Bowie! Peter Murphy! Original! This is a brilliant song. This is the kind of music that would be popular if not for the ever repetitive “cramming down our throats” by the mediocre, greedy music industry!
  4. LazyCats Records at 3.31 Crackstone Great vocal and lyrics. I like this music. Well produced, solid steady and lots of energy.

About “The hollow”

  1. Warm Jet  at 1.01 The hollow Superbpsychedelicpop
  2. Michaelw at 2.15 The hollow Great vocals on this mate,the melancholic feel is superb
  3. Petersen 2010  at 1.32 The hollow Very interesting melodies management
  4. Wompout! at 2.34 The hollow bro, this is simply beautiful music my friend. I love your voice, love the lyrics. everything is perfect.well done
  5. Nahui Oceloyaocihuatl at 3.19 The hollow very unique sound am really enjoying it.. =)
  6. Blind Fly Theater at 2.51 The hollow Hauntingly good song… This deserves to be a hit single heard several times a day on the radio, though I’m sure that guitar solo could go on a bit further ;)

About “Quiet bullets”

  1. The Subversive at 2.33 Quiet bullets Superb vibe, love the blend of rock/electronic, the vocals are excellent as are the drums, man I can’t fault it, Bravo 4 Cities
  2. Justin Matthew Hoopes at 0.44 Quiet bullets Killer stuff! Big sound and great vocals! Really interesting style and movement!
  3. Spencer Vaughan at 1.10 Quiet bullets this is really good man, i’m glad i found you… you’ve got a unique vibe and a great sound! much respect!
  4. The Mad Pride at 1.09 Quiet bullets Incredible vocals and production. Great drum sound too. :)
  5. yeshintae  Quiet bullets like that combination of styles this track has! them synths are nice and chill… and those guitars are ill!!
  6. Roth Whyler at 0.08 Quiet bullets Wow! What a fantastic work!
  7. DarkLight-1666 at 0.44 Quiet bullets Jesus, barely any room to squeeze in a comment lol, very nice work, always a good sign when you see a jam-packed timeline of positive comments – cheers
  8. kaoe at 1.10 Quiet bullets nice man very ecentric and beautifully weird! looking forward to the ep!
  9. ylenya Quiet bullets Muy grande tu musica !
  10. rasmus destructo at 1.10 Quiet bullets Lovin this mate!! Being eclectic in style gives more oppertunity for people to connect. Double thumbs up for the one man band!
  11. LASCIVIOUS at 1.00 Quiet bullets J’adore c’est excellent! Cet intro electro et le mélange des genres est super !
  12. John All Green at 0.48 Quiet bullets Deep sound ! it soothes my soul, nice :-) )))
  13. Abbafire Quiet bullets excellent beginning, very nice sparse verse, absolutely stunning, strong chorus builds nicely, good guitar, bass and drum work, the synths are strong, a little low in places though, vocals need some attention in places, it would have been nice at twice the length, reminds me of a much loved classic 90′s track I used to listen to by rage against the machine, however the lyrics are a lot nicer and have a better message, all in all an excellent track, very very focused and precise…. JOB DONE !!! you get my vote !
  14. Flat Ed at 0.45 Quiet bullets Good blend of electro and guitars! Go Clapham!
  15. c1gart at 0.40 Quiet bullets nice combinations of genres man!
  16. Oli. at 0.49 Quiet bullets Awesome track man! i want it! :)
  17. Juarense desconocido  at 0.33 Quiet bullets greetings from Juárez Mexico, talking about the bullets…
  18. Raine Carosin at 1.31 Quiet bullets Honestly? FAN TAS TIC!!! I can’t hear the lyrics, but that’s because of years of loud music in my ears, but the whole production sounds great… very well done… glad you shared!!! :-}
  19. RisingOceans  at 1.06 Quiet bullets Alot of different elements going on here, but they play off each other very well
  20. gluid at 1.45 Quiet bullets Very promising!! It has the potential of a great song! Very nice intro and especially the verses are great with cool vocals and the lovely stops with only the bassline playing! Great combination of pop, rock and electronics! I like it! :) )
  21. csaffle1 at 0.50 Quiet bullets This is EXTREMELY cool. This song, out of all the songs I have heard of yours so far should be the “template sound” for you as far as your vocal approach. This song really fits your range. There is no struggle in your voice and your delivery is very smooth. Seriously, I would listen to this.

About “Super moon”

  1. Balkstar at 1.49 Super moon Love the guitar – nice and distorted and heavy and licky
  2. MikeGrayMusic at 1.40 Super moon Really enjoying this! Very unique sound!
  3. NetherRelm_Productions  at 1.14 Super moon Very nice chill laid back sound! Reminisant of Beck! And Modest mouse!
  4. jenny Mai at 0.31 Super moon love your groove and the mix is just unique! well done
  5. Enigma Entertainment at 0.00 Super moon thanks for finding us.this is awesome.. id have commented on the above track but there was no room. Such great musical territory.
  6. Mike G davis. at 1.58 Super moon rock with a funk flavour-indie vocals,XL track.
  7. alemwp at 0.55 Super moon Love the dissonant vocal harmonies! Nice textural complexity!
  8. Strobezz at 1.26 Super moon solid percussive work and nice layering of the vocals, love the guitars man
  9. THE SUBWAVE NETWORK at 1.17 Super moon love your style
  10. SubliminaL at 0.48 Super moon Cool song! It’s a bit like Zepplin/Kasabian cross =)
  11. Rick o’shea  at 0.42 Super moon Your music is truly brilliant
  12. RisingOceans  at 0.16 Super moon Your style has a great groove to it, its like a cross between funk rock and electro pop, you have a side that to me could have real mainstream appeal!
  13. pretzels malone at 1.41 Super moon this sounds like the future.

About “Such a place”

  1. An Ecstasy of Fumbling at 2.37 Such a place back for another listen , love the vocal melody !
  2. stratmosphere  at 2.03 Such a place Great song, Great vocals and your production is top notch
  3. Sleepdirt… at 1.43 Such a place This song is a nice place to be…
  4. RaSun at 2.11 Such a place This is awesome. Everything, the lyrics, the instrumentation. I would love to work on this type of composition/production at some point. Great piece of work.
  5. Gus Goad at 1.34 Such a place A bit of a sixties hippy vibe to this – nice
  6. WayB4  at 2.07 Such a place I like this song, nice chord changes and vocals. A bit of psychedelia, which I always appreciate.
  7. Strobezz at 2.20 Such a place I do like the vibe your attaining here man, the tracks are great with solid production, well done indeed
  8. Blind Fly Theater at 2.23 Such a place Just 3 tracks into your music and I’m in awe of your talent, Mariano. Also impressed at your eagerness to collaborate. I look forward to becoming more familiar with you and you work :)